Mr. Kulik was escorted to a waiting animal-van upon his arrival at JFK, where he disrobed and assumed his role as Dog. He was placed by his "keeper" - wife and collaborator Mila Bredikhina - in a spartan pen within the gallery. After two weeks of being gawked at he will be placed in the van and taken back to JFK, where he will dress, check in, and return to the soil of Mother Russia.

The unsettling experience of regarding Mr. Kulik in this condition brought a number of things to mind: man's inhumanity to man, man's cruelty to animals, the extremes to which an artist will go to get attention, the impact of a mundane notion taken to the limits of endurance. And questions like: what does he eat? (answer: oatmeal and other human foods a dog might eat); who feeds him? (answer: Mila); will he talk? (answer: no, and even if he wanted to it wouldn't make much difference here, since he only speaks Russian).

This performance presumes to respond to Joseph Beuys' famous 1974 work I Like America and America Likes Me where he spent five days living with a coyote in Rene Block's New York Gallery. Beuys was transported to and from the gallery by ambulance.

   Oleg Kulik