Formulations Sol Lewitt
All Two-Part Combinations of Arcs from Corners and Sides, 1998
Wall drawing #842, white crayon, black pencil grid, black wall 14x18 ft.
Drawn by Russell Calabrese and Anthony Sansotta.

This small group show features work created by systemic means. It questions both authorship and the meaning conveyed by geometric variation, generative analysis, and probability. A certain austere beauty emerges from the results, as applied systems point beyond the conceptual to the underlying symmetries of the natural world. This opening out is decidedly odd, like looking in the mirror only to find an image there that is recognizable but fragmented. I see your face as a puzzle-piece...

The conceptual veracity of Arcs is underscored by the fact that while LeWitt is the 'author' his hand is not in this version: it was drawn by others.