Walton Ford
Malu, 1998 watercolor, gouache, pencil, and ink on paper 60x119 in.

(text in upper left corner): Malu - Bapak's unhappiness

(text running along bottom):
a. Javan Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros sondaicus  

Asal Bapak Lenang - Think of it as "the source of the father's happiness" or "whatever makes the boss happy" Learning to speak and act in a pleasing manner.

b. Chinese Golden Pheasant - Chrysolophus pictus

Memojokan - This implies that a person has been put in a corner and there is no graceful way out nor easy exit, no way to save face in a...

c. European Starling - Sturnus Vulgaris

Malu - the condition of Malu is rendered loosely as loss of face or embarrassment. Stated more bluntly, to make someone malu is to strip the facade of status from him and expose his human imperfection. Thus it is possible to "do honour" by permitting someone to make a fool of himself, rather than risk the embarrassment of calling it to his attention.

d. Japanese Grosbeak - Eophona personata

...Taken months to gauge the magnitude of the problem in the face of opaque accounting and financial secrecy...have spent weeks denying the obvious.