Jeffrey Vallance
The SHROUD of BLINKY blood stain of the Friendly Hen 1998
pencil, pen and collage on paper 22 x 30 in

"Jeffrey Valance has always been a tireless researcher of the symbolic, the linguistic and the mythological. Vallance travels around the globe seeking direct contact with the personalities and objects which intrigue him. He then expands and continues their stories, looking for linking devices and often establishing paranormal connections. His work based upon his findings takes many forms: paintings, sculpture, video, installation, performance and published texts. A seminal early project involved a frozen chicken named Blinky bought at the supermarket and given a funeral service and burial. Vallance documented this gesture with a video and a book of photographs. While awaiting burial, the thawing body of Blinky left a shroud-like stain which lead Vallance to begin his extensive study of the Shroud of Turin. His work on the Shroud opened up many lines of inquiry from the Lance of St. Longinus to the Miracle of Guadalupe to Mexican wrestler Superbarrio and so forth." ---Lehmann Maupin Gallery