Kiki Smith
MOON 1997
lead paint on 83 Opal Remi glass panes, 16' x 13' x 3.5" overall

"Moon" is the centerpiece of this varied exhibition, titled 'Reconstructing the Moon.' Overall, the exhibition is a meditation on our relationship to the natural world: our analysis, manipulation, estrangement, and occasional destruction of it. Reminiscent of the image-mapping techniques of space exploration, "Moon" at first appears cold and mechanical. Upon closer inspection, however, a "feel" emerges through the artist's brush drawings of a cratered lunar-like 'surface,' apparently done on both sides of each glass pane. The lines and transparency themselves become interesting, and provide a layer of engaged gesture that runs counter to the deconstruction that one confronts from a distance. Perhaps it is through these felt details that this fragmented moonscape is emotionalized, and thereby 'reconstructed.'