Franz West
The work of Franz West is difficult to categorize as sculpture or installation in any narrow sense. Overall, it seems to be a kind of lifestyle proposition. A quick walk-through reveals that this is not the world of Ralph Lauren we're talking about here, but a funky bohemian reversal of high style and design. Slapdash and granular, the craft is in the concept. If extracted from this stylistic gestalt and left to stand alone, any single piece might require a bit of educated exposition to account for its home-made quality.

"Early On I realized that the purely visual experience of an artwork was somehow insufficient. I wanted to go beyond the purely optical and include tactical qualities as well. My works aren't things one just looks at, but things that the viewer is invited to handle. There have been many theories of art that try to break down the border between art and the world, but I don't find such attempts to be particularly meaningful. Art remains art. I really see my work as quite compatible with the l'art pour 'lart philosophy. One may think that I try to bring the art object out into the world since my works sometimes appear to have a practical function, but really it's the other way around: things in the world can, under certain special circumstances, enter the realm of art. And, in fact, once they have entered this realm they are art." ---Franz West