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painting & drawing
Crowd of Women 1909-1959
150+ portraits of women
AMERICAN: Mar 14 - Apr 11 '98

Anselm Kiefer Books and Paintings
GAGOSIAN: Jan 24 - Feb 28 '98

Fiona Rae paintings
LUHRING: Oct 7-Nov 4 '97

Shahzia Sikander
miniatures and wall murals
DEITCH: Nov 7-Nov 29 '97

Terry Winters New Paintings
MATTHEW MARKS: Oct 9-Dec 24 '97

Rajasthani Miniatures
DRAWING CENTER: thru June 7 '97

Elizabeth Murray recent paintings
PACE: May 1-June 30 '97

Edward Ruscha
Cityscapes and O Books
CASTELLI: May 3-May 31 '97

Jane Hammond paintings
LUHRING: Mar 29-Apr 26 '97

Callum Innes paintings
KELLY: Feb 28-Apr 12 '97

Fred Tomaselli
collage under resin
TILTON: Apr 18-May 17 '97

Robert Morris
Horizons Cut: Between
Clio and Mnemosyne
CASTELLI: Jan 11-Feb 8 '97

Andy Warhol
Rorschach Paintings
GAGOSIAN: Sept 21-Oct 19 '96

Jean-Michel Basquiat
SHAFRAZI: Sept 21-Nov 23 '96

Plains Indian Drawings 1865-1935
Pages from a Visual History
DRAWING CENTER: Nov 5-Dec 21 '96

Albert Oehlen
Recent Paintings
LUHRING: Oct 19-Nov 16 '96

Matthew Ritchie
The Hard Way
BASILICO: Oct 19-Nov 23 '96

William Wegman
New Paintings & Collages
GORNEY: Oct 26-Nov 30 '96

Robert Colescott
Works on Paper
PHYLLIS KIND: Nov 9-Jan 7 '97

Robert Heckes
Playing Card Paintings
POSTMASTERS: Thru Dec 21 '96

Marcel Dzama   Drawings
ZWIRNER: Mar 18 - Apr 18 '98

George Condo
Collage Paintings
PACE: Jan 30-Mar 7 '98

Squeak CarnwathPaintings
BEITZEL: Jan 7 - Feb 14 '98

Richard Serra
"Rounds" - drawings
GAGOSIAN: Nov 8-Dec 20 '97

Julian Schnabel
Portrait Paintings
PACE: Oct 30-Dec 13 '97

Robert Longo Magellan series
METRO PICTURES: Nov 18-Jan 10 '98

Gilbert & George
The Fundamental Pictures
SONNABEND: April 29-June 28 '97

Sol Lewitt Wall Paintings
ACE: May 17-thru August '97

Alexis Rockman "Dioramas"
GORNEY: May 16-June 28 '97 '97

Jessica Stockholder
GORNEY: Apr 5-May 10 '97

Robert Mangold paintings
PACE: Mar 22 - Apr 26 '97

Georg Baselitz paintings
PACE: Feb 15-Mar 15 '97

Nancy Chunn Front Pages 1996
FELDMAN: Jan 11-Mar 1 '97

Nicole Eisenman
Drawings, Paintings, Installations
TILTON: thru Jan 11 '97

Peter Plagens
New Paintings and Drawings
HOFFMAN: Dec 6-Jan 11 '97

Mokkan Kakishita
Ichijisho Calligraphy
CAST IRON: Nov 16-Nov 30 '96

Robert Ryman
New Paintings
PACE: May 4-June 21 '96

Julian Schnabel
The Conversion of St. Paolo Malfi
PACE: Feb 16-Mar 23 '96

John Millei
Paintings 1991-96
ACE: Through Oct. '96

Joseph Levi
Recent Paintings
OK HARRIS: Oct 12-Nov 2 '96

painting & drawing | installation & sculpture

photography & digital | galleryhopping

All disciplines, by date, one image each

James Casebere, photos at Sean Kelly
Video Library, watch them at Zwirner
Franz West, in the "Usefool" group at Postmasters
4696/1998, contemporary Chinese at Lehmann Maupin
Group show, at Art & Industrie
Carl Fudge, paintings at Feldman
Nancy Rubins, sculptural drawings at Kasmin
Hannah Collins, views from a window at Castelli
Suzanne McClelland, paintings at Kasmin
Arsen Roje, domestic bliss at OKHarris
Catherine Opie, mini-malls at Gorney
Helen Gallagher, new paintings at Gagosian
Rudolph Steiner, blackboard drawings 1919-24

gallery hopping  jan-feb98
Daisuke Nakayama, installation at Deitch
Dan Flavin, neon at Castelli
Y.Z. Kami, portraits at Deitch
Michael Zwack, paintings at Kasmin
William Burroughs/George Condo,
collaborating at Pat Hearn (Chelsea)
Richard Woods, at Cristinerose (Chelsea)
John Baldessari, "The Goya Series" at Sonnabend
Juliao Sarmento, painting at Sean Kelly
Anne Barnard, DNA at Joyce Goldstein
Robert Williams, cartoon acid-dreams at Shafrazi
Elliott Green, cartoon caricature at Postmasters
Bruce Ackerson, high-flying at OK Harris
Bonnie Collura, sculpture at Basilico
Helen Marden, abstract at Thomas Healy (Chelsea)
Dan Witz, eye-fooling at Clementine (Chelsea)
Andy Warhol, screenprints at Feldman

gallery hopping  nov-dec97
Attila Richard Lukacs nasty boys at Kind
John Currin busting out at Rosen
Barbara Kruger cacophany at Deitch (annex)
Donald Baechler cut flowers at Shafrazi
Philip Taaffe eco deco at Blum
Cheryl Donegan cinematic at Basilico
Raymond Pettibon wall-surfing at Zwirner
Huang Yong Ping
A pharmacy at Tilton

gallery hopping  sept-oct97
Nam June Paik, video and paintings at Solomon
Lorna Simpson, video and photos at Sean Kelly
Ashley Bickerton, painting at Sonnabend
Michael Ray Charles, painting at Shafrazi
Hiroshi Sugimoto, photography at Sonnabend
Ramon Almela, sculpture at OK Harris
Darren Waterston, painting at Charles Cowles
Cara Perlman, "Mother's Breath" on Wooster St.
Muriel Castanis, sculpture at OK Harris
Gregory Crewdson, photos at Luhring Augustine
Alison Saar, sculpture at Phyllis Kind

gallery hopping  may-june97
Mark Tansey, paintings at Curt Marcus
Sean Landers at Andrea Rosen
Elliott Puckette, paintings at Paul Kasmin
Nedko Solakov underground at Deitch
Belkis Ayon, Elsa Maria Mora young cubans at Phyliss Kind
Gilbert & George at Lehmann Maupin

gallery hopping  april97
Susan Etkin at Holly Solomon
Steven Klein at Staley-Wise
Tony Matelli at Basilico Fine Art
Bill Scanga of mice as men at TZ'Art
John Kalymnios bending perception at Golden
"The Crystal Stopper" at Lehmann Maupin
Luigi Ontani arte ceramica at Sperone
John Deandrea hyper-real at OK Harris

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