open sequence

Alexander Blok: blowing steam

Jean Baudrillard: hyperrealism

Fernando Pessoa: a shrug

Albert Einstein: awe struck

Rainer Maria Rilke: pyramid theory

Tristan Tzara: Pink Pills

Herman Bahr: knows how
art was born

Pablo Picasso: Art is a lie

Walter Benjamin: cult value,
exhibition value

Bertolt Brecht:on art
as a commodity

Gerhard Richter:
like breeding cats?

Leonardo da Vinci: a fable

David Smith:
billigerent vitality

Charles Baudelaire:
from "Intimate Journal"

Antonin Artaud: however delirious

Shunryu Suzuki: the BIG mind

Magritte: words of wisdom

Marcel Duchamp: a plug-in

A.S. Eddington: the physicist
enters a room

Jean Dubuffet: Never Work Hard

Man Ray: an excerpt
from his "Self Portrait"

Francis Picabia:
short poems from
"Who Knows"

La Rochefoucauld:
excerpts from
the "Maxims" (1665)

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