114 Greene Street 5th floor NYC 10012

SoHo Partnership was founded to address problems particular to our urban environment and to improve the quality of life in the community. The partnership is unique in that it is the first collaboration between a community and a human services organization in New York City with the primary goal of providing job opportunities for the homeless.

A not-for-profit organization, SoHo Partnership provides prevocational training and employment opportunities to homeless and jobless individuals through community-improvement projects. Program employees are selected from clients of BRC Human Services Corporation, a New York City organization that offers rehabilitation on treatment programs for the homeless, including substance-abuse treatment, housing for the disbled, and housing for people with AIDS.

This collaboration of the local residents, businesses, and BRC Human Services ensures a cleaner environment for the community while offering employment experience that leads to full time jobs and permanent housing.

Soho Partnership hires the homeless to clean a thirty block area in downtown New York on a daily basis. In addition to the street cleaning, programs have grown to include tree planting and maintenance, recycling, and special service requests from the community. These programs provide vocational training opportunities and demonstrate the concern for global preservation that is part of our local agenda. Nationally, Soho Partnership is recognized as a much-needed initiative as well as a model for all urban communities in need of renewal and improvement.

Henry Buhl, founder
Elizabeth Cutrona, Executive Director

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