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In the last few years, SoHo has become a neighborhood that is a window to the world. SoHo is exploding with world-class fashion and design. For those who fret, Art is Art and we'll do Chelsea, too. But, now, our interactive map of SoHo is starting to become more fun to use, and more useful,too: as more merchants go online we are linking to them, creating a directory of SoHo shopping that is easy to use and built for discovery. Travel the map, and spread the word...

Content here at ArtSEENsoHo is organized into three main areas: ART, STYLE, and LIFE - all of it accessible from the map. ART includes current exhibitions, an archive of exhibitions past, seasonal schedules, and projects. We present as many selected shows as our time and resources allow. Projects offers artwork created specifically for the Web, through selected links to the best webwork we've come across. STYLE includes Design, Fashion, Food+Drink, and Travel+Services. STYLE now includes VIEWPOINTS in which real people pass along their recommendations. Thirdly, there's LIFE for readings from Pessoa to Picasso.

There is a lot to explore and discover here. To make navigation easy, please CHOOSE FRAMES. We hope you find ArtSEENsoHo to be fast, easy to use and content-rich. We want you to return often, and explore... Welcome.
T.T. & P.C. july 14, 1999


Our interactive map is a unique navigational tool: part guide, part index, part directory, and illustrated with images belonging to each block. The streets of ARTseenSOHO are designed for ease of exploration: all content areas are accessible from the streets, and all galleries, merchants, bars and restaurants are listed in their actual locations. You can browse our virtual neighborhood...

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