Donald Lipski

Book Works 1982-1997

Installation view

Lipski is a master manipulator of the found object, salvaging and ingeniously re-working them. With boundless wit and humor he concocts absurd juxtapositions and mixed messages that capture the spirit of both surrealism and Dada. Lipski believes that art can be made with anything, and he proves it.

Polar Bear With Book in Frame, 1997
taxidermied polar bear, book, frame
40x22x11 in.
Meat Through The Microscope, 1989 (that’s the title of book… ed.)
Book, stool supporters, wood blocks 12x56x10 in 40x22x11 in.
left: Illustrated Art Masterpieces with Hole, 1993
Book with hole 13x12x2 in.
right: Hymnals, 1997
Hymnal books, spoons screws, glue
30x30x5 in.

Behind the works or the pictures is their secret meaningful. This is the motivation for us to bring them to you on

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