La Rochefoucauld

The only good copies are those which show up the absurdity of bad originals.

What makes us like new acquaintances is not so much weariness of the old ones or the pleasure of making a change, as displeasure at not being sufficiently admired by those who know us too well, and the hope of being more admired by those who do not yet know us well enough.

In every walk of life each man puts on a personality and outward appearance so as to look what he wants to be thought: in fact you might say that society is entirely made up of assumed personalities.

As a rule it is only when little is at stake that we will take a chance and not trust to appearances.

Excerpted from the “Maxims” of La Rochefoucauld | Penguin Books, Translated by Leonard Tancock (The originalMaximes first appeared in 1665…)

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