Marc Quinn

Installlation view

Marc Quinn came to the attention of the international public with “Self”, a work in which the artist’s head was cast in his own frozen, congealed blood. This and other work using human bodily fluids are key to the artist’s central preoccupation: the exploration of self and issues of mortality. Pictured at the center here is one of two sculptures made of real flowers entitled “Eternal Spring”, which are frozen in full bloom and presented in refrigeration. A floral cadaver…

Man Struck by Lightning, 1998 (three views)
bronze and stainless steel, height of figure 122 in.
Left: No Visible Means of Escape XI, 1998 – RTV rubber and rope.

Presence/absence; positive/negative; the spirit has flown…

Yellow Cut Nervous Breakdown, 1998
stainless steel, concrete, polyurethane and sponges

Left: No Visible Means of Escape, 1998 (detail)
RTV rubber and rope – height 138 in.

Center: The Invisible Man, 1996
stainless steel,RTV polyurethane – height 93 in.

Left: The Great Escape, 1998
rubber and stainless steel – height 146 in.

Intuitive Morphology, 1998 (detail)
glass and silver – dimensions variable

Intimations of another body, another form…

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