Perry Hoberman

MEMO: do I get it that the screen-saver triggers the photoelectric cells mounted on the monitor, sending electric signals to the pencil-sharpeners which whirr for a couple of seconds every time one of the wandering discs of light passes under the photoelectric cell? This is an ingenious labor-saving device. We will rush it to market in time for the Super Bowl. -JP

MEMO: any resemblance to a contemporary office space is intended, and customers MUST be aware of it for our product to succeed. The crotch-viewer is not getting enough attention. It seems that people don’t know who’s looking at what. The drop ceiling drops too slowly. The file cabinet only opens in, for crying out loud. Get it together, troops, or the broom could start sweeping. -RD

MEMO: I picked up the phone only to find myself on terminal hold, while my briefcase started to tick. Somebody trimmed my plant. Who hung the picture of the highway in my cubicle? Where is everybody? -MN

These are the arts in previuos generations, but they still have meanings in our morden life. is a bridge to connect readers to them.

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