What is Covered by This Policy.

The privacy of your personal information is something that Premium Plus is committed to protecting. This Policy describes how Premium Plus collects, uses, transfers, and discloses your data. It covers data obtained when you access our website, get in touch with us over the phone or via email, or interact with us in person at events and/or exhibits.

Your personal information is secure with us, and we process it in a fair, legal, and transparent manner.

Usage of data.

We use the data to update and alert you so that you have a better and more effective experience.

By giving you material that is appropriate for your choices, we can help you get more out of Artseensoho.
To address website difficulties and complaints and to provide operational announcements.

We don’t aim to utilize the information you give us for anything than the aforementioned purposes.

Finally, if you sign up for the service, we will only send you marketing emails.

Data that we share with

Information gathered through Artseensoho, both personal and non-personal, won’t be disclosed.
We may be required to disclose your information in the following circumstances: as required by law or regulation; to protect Artseensoho’s rights and property; in the event that our records reveal any unlawful or deceptive activities about which a government agency should be made aware; or in the event that your communication on the Website suggests that others may suffer harm.

Data security after collection

To protect your accounts and information, we’ve implemented physical and electronic safeguards to thwart unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats. We’ll keep your info secure.

How long do we keep your information?

Your personal information will only be kept by us for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was obtained and to uphold our legal obligations. We regularly verify, maintain, update, and delete information that is no longer accurate. We can give you further details on the durations for which we retain your data if you ask.


Links to other websites will be provided by PolicyAdvice in addition to the website’s content. Since we have no direct access to or control over these websites, as mentioned in our Terms of Service, we cannot be held liable for the privacy or security of your data once you leave PolicyAdvice.


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Our privacy statement is being revised.

We regularly review our privacy policy, and we might make changes from time to time. If there are any significant alterations, we will either update our website or send you an email to let you know.

On September 05, 2022, this privacy statement was last revised.