Mike and Doug Starn

“When we reach for the light, we create shadows; just as when trees seek out the light, they steal it from whatever grows below. Blotting out the sun. …But the tiny spaces between the leaves form apertures that project the sun’s rays onto the ground, creating camera obscuras. That’s why, under a tree, you see circles of light. Pale relics of the sun: we and trees can only create poor imitations of light.”

Black Sun Burned   “I came across something about Apollo butterflies, a species found in the Canadian Rockies. They’re controlled by the sun. While the sun shines they fly in groups, and when a cloud covers over, together, they drop to the ground. When the sun reemerges, they rise up again, only to fall with the next cloud. Up and down all day long, they seem to create an idiotic poetry of puppets. Creating an embarrassing metaphor for us.”

“Enlarging our perspective, we see the dominance of the sun over the Earth and humanity, revealing that we are nothing more that a meaningless silhoette, a shadow, and shadows have no control.”

Black Sun Burned   “We are slaves to gravity: No matter how much influence we exert to go higher, gravity pulls us down, again and again. Gravity binds us to history, politics, and economics; but it also ties us to the sun, a far more omnipotent force.”

“…looking up, a black sun is burned into my eyes. Now there’s a black hole in front of and through everything I look at. A negative of the sun. The sun is knowledge, fulfillment and satisfaction. Too bright to look at, it is truth, purity. It is the future, the past, it is knowledge held at an unattainable height – eight minutes above us at the speed of light.”

Black Sun Burned   “A dilated pupil is starved for light – opened wide to swallow as much as it can, picking out the crumbs of decrepit light that has eroded over millions of years from an incendiary galaxy. The holes in the sphere of your skull let illumination into your mind.”

Flying where there is no gravity, you have the ability to leave your shadow on the ground.” —Mike and Doug Starn

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