Liberty Island Geography

What Island Is The Statue Of Liberty On?

What Island Is The Statue Of Liberty On? The Statue Of Liberty is located on Liberty Island. However today, many people still confuse this island with New Jersey or London. Read to know more.

What Island Is The Statue Of Liberty On?
What Island Is The Statue Of Liberty On?

What Island Is The Statue Of Liberty On?

The Statue Of Liberty is on Liberty Island. The island was originally known as Bedloe Island before being officially renamed in 1956. Fort Wood stood on the island before Lady Liberty arrived. The statue and pedestal are currently atop a fort that was constructed in the shape of an eleven-pointed star.

The island itself has a rich history, having served as a smallpox quarantine station in the 18th century, the Earl of Cassils’ summer residence, a rental property, a shelter for Tory refugees, a lighthouse, and ultimately a fortification.

The Statue of Liberty actually resides in New Jersey’s waters and is closer to New Jersey than New York. According to the United States Geological Survey, it is part of New York’s 8th Congressional District. The island’s ownership has never been asserted by New Jersey.

The Statue of Liberty National Monument includes both the island and nearby Ellis Island. The monument is located in New Jersey waters, but Liberty Island as well as a portion of Ellis Island are under the control of New York state.

Liberty Island Geography

Liberty Island Geography

The island, which belongs to the federal government, is approximately 5 hectares (5.956 ha) in size, according to the United States Census Bureau. 

In the waters surrounding Jersey City in Hudson County, New Jersey’s Upper New York Bay, lies Liberty Island. It belongs to the group of islands that make up the New York borough of Manhattan.

 Due to historical events that led to its construction, Liberty Island is now a part of New Jersey but belongs to New York. Liberty Island is located 2,000 feet (610 m) east of Liberty State Park in Jersey City and 1.6 miles (2.6 km) southwest of the Battery in Lower Manhattan.

Statue of liberty address is New York, NY 10004

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island or Liberty Island?

The Statue is currently located on Liberty Island, just a short ferry ride away from Ellis Island, America’s most well-known immigration hub. Today, the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is located there.

Is Ellis Island and Liberty Island the same?

In New York Harbor, there are two islands: Liberty Island and Ellis Island. The fact that they are both accessible by the same ferry enables visitors to maximize their time. However, if you want to fully appreciate the two landmarks, it can be a long day.

Is Ellis Island actually in New Jersey?

The Main Building, which houses the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, is located within New York State. The island’s current 27.5 acres were added over the course of many years, and the majority of this expanded area is now located entirely within the state of New Jersey.

Does anyone live on Liberty Island?

Liberty Island has been inhabited for at least 200 years, first as a military base and then to take care of Lady Liberty. Two people, the current superintendent David Luchsinger and his wife Debbie, have replaced the once-large group of families that once lived close to the statue.

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